Privacy Policy

Vizions In Motion strives to protect your information as you interact with us through our services or on this site.  Our privacy policy identifies ways that we collect and manage information to help enhance the customer experience and provide better customer service.

Your information may be stored either in our systems or with an external provider in a location within the United States or in another country.

Personally identifiable information

The personally identification information collected is provided directly by the site visitor or client. This information is generally made available to us through interactions through the site or other methods such as sending a message through the contact form, submitting a resume or other employment information, sending an email, submitting a payment, contracting for services, or other exchanges.

Your information will not be sold, shared or disclosed to any third party unless Vizions In Motion is legally required to do so.  This information is only utilized to interact with the customer or provide a better customer experience.

Non-personally identifiable information

Vizions In Motion may also capture non-identifiable information to monitor site traffic, to better manage site needs or to enhance our services.  Depending on the collection method, this information collected may or may not include the ip address.

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