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Vizions In Motion - Mitigating Change Management Challenges

Change is inevitable.  You either keep up with change or be left behind.  The better the company is in anticipating and mitigating change management challenges, the smoother the change can be.

Whether the change involves business operations, products & services, or technology, all change comes with challenges.  Understanding those challenges greatly increases the chances of success.  Ignoring them will not make it go away.

But what are the best ways in mitigating change management challenges?

Management Support is Key

Management support and buy-in of the change is a key factor in mitigating the hurdles of change.  Having key management personnel identify the need for the change and demonstrate support for the change goes a long way with employee adoption.

With management support comes a bigger budget for implementing and supporting the change.  A limited budget can often be a key hurdle to change.  The main focus of the budget is generally on the implementation of the desired change but not to mitigating the challenges of the change.

Participation Matters

Participating in the implementation of the change can also minimize the fear of the change. Being given a role in the change enables employees to feel included.

The imagination can make anything worse than reality so knowing what the impacts, benefits, and aspects of the change will ease the tensions.  Feeling like their opinions and suggestions are taken into account goes a long way in acceptance.

Communication is a Must

When employees better understand the aspects of the change, they are less likely to fear the change.  Rumors tend to run negative with little association to the truth.  Therefore, valid communication of the impacts and benefits of change can squash those rumors before they take life.

However, communication must be truthful or else the change loses credibility when the lie is revealed.  Emphasize the good and explain the bad aspects.  Hiding the truth rarely works in the long run.

Communication improves both internal and external acceptance.  Customer understanding could also improve acceptance of the upcoming change to the point of welcoming the change.

Change Management Challenges Can Be Mitigated

Change comes with challenges.  But those challenges can be mitigated and minimized with the right approach and support.

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