About Us

Who we are

Vizions In Motion provides specialized business consulting services focused on helping an organization operate effectively and efficiently as one cohesive entity that delivers to its potential.

We are experienced business architects and strategists who are skilled in assembling the business roadmap and designing effective solutions. We have solid understanding of both business and technology arenas to ensure that both are incorporated and represented. We align and apply the strategy horizontally across the entire company and not just within one process, department or system.

Some of our competitors are business generalists where duration is presented as experience. We do not utilize analysts or junior-level personnel and charge for business architects. Where others stop after a providing a general idea, we follow up strategy with a valid solution design to the deliver an initiative. Many consulting companies are technology-focused where every solution defined is limited to their own development efforts. We offer a clean and independent analysis and solution design effort.

Our service offerings complement each other to ensure a well-rounded business approach. We integrate theory with hands-on expertise. We incorporate strategy with action. We deliver ideas with impact. We enable your organization to operate as one cohesive and collaborative whole.

What we do

We can work on several levels depending on your needs. Our projects vary from full delivery of our professional services — business architecture, solution design, strategic planning and change management — to providing an independent review of a proposed design or solution. We can also provide a second opinion or help bridge the gaps in developing your solution. We can evaluate the current business state and identify the gaps, overlaps, issues, changes, handoffs, dependencies and opportunities needed to reach the desired state. Let us help you identify potential business opportunities and address areas of improvement.

We are not a software or development company trying to sell our own software or technology development. We can work independently from any specific software or technology provider to allow for an objective technology-independent consulting effort. We have many years of experience in working hand-in-hand with technology solution implementations so we are not architecting your business or designing your solutions in a vacuum.

Our team can work hand-in-hand with your internal technology team to facilitate the solution and ensure alignment of the technology to the business needs. We can also identify and mitigate impacted business and technology areas for a smoother rollout transition of the solution or effort. If you are a technology provider, we can also partner with you to maximize the opportunity for technology solution success to your client. Let us help you identify the gaps, overlaps, conflicts, inconsistencies and obsolete areas in your business framework, processes, organizational structure, business rules, system functionality and more.

Which companies benefit most from our services

  • Established corporate entities that are not operating to their full potential. There is a need to solution problems, maximize new opportunities with the minimum amount of risks and impacts or to perform an independent review of a proposed solution
  • New or established corporate entities that wants to incorporate key strategic drivers into a solid yet flexible business framework without the need to completely rebuild at each level of growth or impacting business decision and activity
  • Technology providers that need to ensure their technology solutions are well-aligned to client’s needs and structure to maximize the opportunity for technology delivery success

Vizions In Motion has the enterprise-level experience, the systems-level experience and the functional-level experience to put your organization on the path for growth and success.