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About us and who we are

Who We Are

We are experienced enterprise architects and designers with a solid understanding of both business and technology arenas to ensure that both are represented. We can see the big picture and then drill down to the minute details. We can implement solutions horizontally across the company or vertically within a process, department or system.

Our team is not composed of business generalists where duration is presented as experience. We do not utilize analysts or junior-level personnel and present them as business architects or technology experts. With years of experience in business with technology, we know how to integrate industry best practices with client needs.

We are not a software or development company trying to sell our own products or steering the solutions for internal gain. We work independently to objectively design solutions that truly align to business needs and user expectations.


About us and what we do

What We Do

Our projects include delivering business alignment, new or enhanced products, and technology solutions. Our service offerings complement each other for a stronger well-rounded approach and more effective results.

We can evaluate the current business and technology state and identify the issues, dependencies, and opportunities needed to reach the desired state. We can also provide independent reviews of existing or proposed solutions. And, we can work hand-in-hand with internal technology teams or partner with external providers.

We integrate theory with hands-on expertise. We incorporate strategy with action. We deliver ideas with impact. We can identify and mitigate changes for smoother project rollouts. We enable your organization to operate as one cohesive and holistic whole instead of disjointed silos.


Which clients best match our consulting services

Which Clients Benefit The Most From Our Services

  • Established corporate entities that are not operating to their full potential. We can help in resolving problems, maximizing new opportunities with the minimum amount of risks and impacts, or performing an independent review of a proposed solution.
  • From startups to established corporate entities that need to incorporate key strategic drivers into a solid yet flexible business framework without needing to completely rebuild at each level of growth or impacting business decision and activity.
  • Technology providers that need to ensure their technology solutions are well-aligned to clients’ needs and structure. We can offer a second opinion by evaluating alignment and aligning to client needs and industry standards. We can also help to smooth the path to solution delivery success by identifying and mitigating potential challenges.


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Vizions In Motion has the enterprise-level experience, the systems-level experience and the functional-level experience to put your organization on the path for growth and success.

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